Warren Jobs tells why he likes Punch TV Studios.

Filmmakers you can get up to $100K
to produce your next film

Shareholders that are filmmakers will receive special consideration.

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Key Thoughts for Filmmakers:

  • Warren Jobs has come out and said that this is a great opportunity to be part of a movie making system that works. With this development, as an independent movie maker, you will no longer have to stand alone. The outcome of this event will help filmmakers to not only get the budget, but also, they will be able to use the other resources and logistical support in every aspect of the film production that the company has to offer.

  • We are focused on programming for the New Urban markets. Punch TV Studios is seeking to partner with Independent filmmakers to develop all genres of films and television shows, including action,
    drama, mystery, family, documentary, music, comedy

  • There is also the chance of filmmakers being able to become a shareholder in Punch TV Studios because as the company grows they also grow whether or not they make a movie or sell a script. As a shareholder that doubles up as a filmmaker, you will get preferential treatment in being able to pitch their projects and they will get priority treatment regarding funding, distribution and other resources. Punch TV Studios is selling 50 million shares of stock at $1.00 per share.

  • When the Punch TV Studios stock offering is successful we intend to fund our first one hundred films. Our company will spend up to $10 million to develop film productions with budgets up to $100,000.00

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